Makhaotse, Narasimulu & Associates (Pty) Ltd

Consulting Engineers and Project Managers


Makhaotse, Narasimulu & Associates proudly hosts an annual “CESA Job Shadow Day” at their various offices. A diverse group of students representing various schools are invited to experience the different disciplines of Civil Engineering. Students engage in informative presentations, discussions, activities and a site visit.

The day begins with a welcome breakfast and an introduction to Civil Engineering. The presenter touches on the ways a Civil Engineer improves the everyday lives of people, giving the students insight into the daily lives of an engineer, the type of work and projects they would be involved in, as well as the many avenues they could pursue within the civil engineering field. The students then participate in learning activities presented by each discipline of engineering present at our MNA offices, namely, Roads, Structures and Water and Sanitation.

All activities start off with background knowledge within the various disciplines mentioned above followed by a simplistic representation of engineering principles. Students are then taken on a site visit where they are given a tour of the construction operations. Various tiers of management were allowed to interact with the students in the day varying from directorship to the designers of the various projects and not forgetting the people whom translate designs to a finished product