Makhaotse, Narasimulu & Associates (Pty) Ltd

Consulting Engineers and Project Managers

Quality Management System

Makhaotse Narasimulu and Associates has implemented a quality management system that is a collection of the organization’s processes. These Processes are focused on quality objectives to meet all client requirements and is based on keeping the organization on a high traceability level.  

The quality management system was certified according to the international standard of ISO 9001:2015 on the 15/12/2010. There is a qualified team that strives to meet the quality objectives within the company. The structure of the ISO team consists of the Management Representative, ISO Administrator and the Internal Auditor.  

The organization is externally audited by SABS on a yearly basis and internally audited continuously throughout the year. The company aims to prove a high level of quality service to its clients through its management system by ensuring that there are stringent checks during all processes.