Nelson Mandela Day

Nelson Mandela Day

“A man dedicated to human kind, to our country and to all her inhabitants, friend and foe, animal and human; he stood for equality throughout his life” As is every year, it is part of the Social Responsibility of Makhaotse, Narasimulu and Associates to partake in this charitable event.

Nelson Mandela Day 2017 – Saice Blanket Drive

This year Makhaotse, Narasimulu & Associates took part in the SAICE Mandela Day Winter Warmth drive.

SAICE in association with McDonald’s South Africa spent 67 minutes at homeless havens in honour of the life of service led by our late former president Nelson Mandela. SAICE helped spread the warmth by handing out packs consisting of winter apparel to those in need to keep them warm against the harsh winter.

Nelson Mandela Day 2017

Makhoatse, Narasimulu & Associates (Pty)Ltd has a solid commitment to social development and is continually active in social responsibility initiatives. Makhoatse, Narasimulu & Associates (Pty)Ltd has developed a strong partnership with the Pietermaritzburg Community Chest and has been an active contributor since the company’s inception.

As part of our 2017 social responsibility, the MNA Pietermaritzburg branch engaged with Community Chest to undertake an activity under the banner of Mandela Day. Selby Msimang Pre School was selected as this years beneficiary and in consultation with NPO’s head mistress, the need for tables and chairs was recognized as the most necessary improvement to the facility. Makhoatse, Narasimulu & Associates (Pty)Ltd supplied 20 tables and 60 chairs to the ECD centre and coincided the delivery with the provision of a deserved hot meal to the 120 learners and teachers of the centre. Makhoatse, Narasimulu & Associates (Pty)Ltd stands committed to ensuring that we can be active in enriching lives of those less fortunate.

Nelson Mandela Day 2016

MNA Durban, participated in the CESA YPF Mandela Day Initiative, a Shoe box Drive, where we handed out blankets and gift boxes containing toys, stationary and treats to under-resourced community centres and creches.

Nelson Mandela Day 2015

Makhaotse, Narasimulu and Associates Durban branch participated at the Kloof SPCA in commemoration of Mandela Day 67 minutes where they had various work stations for those wanting to offer their services. Activities included covering collection tins with the branded wrappers, others made kitten toys, some helped prepare for the next outreach clinic by rolling cotton balls, cutting gauze into squares etc… as well as dog walking. A donation of dry dog pellets was done. Staff took Beeno’s and biltong treats to spoil all the dogs in the kennels as part of their service.

MNA Pmb office enjoyed a Saturday in the sun at Thandi House in Pietermaritzburg with the children, MNA sponsored Thandi House a lovely colourful garden, veggie patch and nappies and toiletries for the children.

Makhaotse, Narasimulu & Associates ETHOS

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